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In the workshop of life, using the right tools makes all the difference.

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What we offer



Adapt in the face of adversity and come back from challenges




Build a healthy and productive work environment through motivation and change. We also offer onsite support for trauma in the event of a critical incident.

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Providing a space to discuss without judgement

Don't let addiction control your life

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Navigate your way through a highly personal and individual experience

Creative process to express yourself, explore emotions and foster healing


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Work on goal setting, resilience building, stress management ,life coaching, relationships & more tailored for your personal situation



work together to identify and manage your relationship to reduce its  effects and grow to appreciate each other.

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Mark Seek


Professional Membership Dapaanz 

Resilience: The ability to recover quicker or quickly

Thrive: Progress toward or realise a goal despite or because of circumstances.

I am an eclectic Counsellor/ resilience Coach, I have been fortunate to have worked with some exceptionally talented people over the years.


I created THRIVE to provide a new fresh approach to wellbeing and resilience. To provide a place where people can begin with some simple but highly effective strategies that they could trust every day of their lives.


Maybe you have been asking yourself what is a resilience coach? do I need one in my life right now? Well, chances are you would benefit practicing some simple practical tools to improve your life.


Sometimes we need to say, “what used to work for me isn’t working anymore”.


In light of recent events COVID19 especially I became aware that many of my clients needed to begin to think and interact differently with the world that they were functioning in, whether you’re in a corporate role or perhaps just starting out in your career maybe you could be a student studying or a mother at home juggling everything including the kitchen sink! But seriously I began to provide easy steps to success and wellbeing.


Many of my clients emphasised that they were benefitting within two weeks or some stated earlier, people stated they had noticed huge gains and were feeling optimistic and more in control. My various roles include but are not limited to: Grief work in hospice settings, Drug Treatment units in New Zealand Prison system, Rehabilitation (residential/community) High Schools and my involvement with Critical response teams.


In a previous life I crewed for the New Zealand Fire Service, and contracted to WORLD OF WEARABLE ARTS as a designer/prop maker. My wealth of knowledge and experience can be transferred to many other working relationships.


I can provide you with a safe confidential introductory consultation, you choose where you want to go from there.

Seek and THRIVE is a  service with a difference.


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126 East Belt,Lincoln Christchurch New Zealand

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Mark is recognised for his exceptional work in creating and applying a therapeutic art programme in the Drug Treatment Unit at Hawkes Bay Regional Prison Mark’s contribution to the success of this work is recognised and noted. It was agreed that this programme, which deeply touched all those present, has provided prisoner with a platform to speak and work on very deep seated issues in their lives that have contributed to their offending. Thank you Mark, for contributing to, and applying, and exceptional programme that shows the quality of the Drug Treatment Programme.

Ray Smith / CEO New Zealand Corrections Service

Mark Seek has been a member of dapaanz since 2012. At the time, he was working as an Alcohol and Drug Counsellor for CareNZ at Mangaroa Prison in Hawke's Bay. He has remained an active member of this organisation since then. Mark has a wealth of experience that he draws upon from his varied counselling career. He has worked with individuals and groups, youth and adults in inpatient and outpatient settings with clients from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. He has worked in a prison setting with inmates, at a dual diagnosis residential care centre, in Hospice and with at risk and in crisis families. His innate abilities combined with his knowledge, and experience with a wide range of client issues makes him an effective and eclectic practitioner. He is bound by the dapaanz Code of Ethics and is committed to his work and his clients' wellbeing. He is an experienced and excellent clinician.

Tim Mapel MCouns MNZAC dapaanz / Clinical Supervisor